Italian Design

The registration of an Italian design grants exclusive rights in Italy and in the State of San Marino. The competent office is the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM).

Process of registration

After the filing of the application for registration, UIBM carries out a formal review relating to administrative and technical aspects. If UIBM finds irregularities, it may issue an objection to which the applicant must respond within 60 days (such a deadline may be extended up to six months). In any case, the Office does not carry out an examination concerning the novelty. Subsequently, the design is registered.


A particular shape or design can be decisive in differentiating the image of both the product itself and the Company producing it. Consequently, a registered design may become a crucial asset for the success on the market. In fact, the registration grants exclusive rights on the design, and grants to its holder, on the one hand, the right to prohibit its wrongful use by unauthorized third parties, and, on the other, to maximize the economic benefits arising from its economic exploitation (for example, through licensing).