Community Design

The registration of a Community design represents a title of protection extended to the entire territory of the European Union. The competent Office is the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office based in Alicante, Spain).

Process of registration

The application for registration is formally checked by the EUIPO. In case an irregularity is detected, an official communication is sent to the applicant. In order to reply to the official objection, the applicant is given two months, (extendable). Subsequently, should the objection be overcome, the design is registered. In any case, EUIPO does not carry out an examination concerning the novelty.


Since the Community design is a title valid throughout the European Union, it clearly allows a significant cost savings compared to the cost that would result from the filing of national design applications in every single country of the European Union. Moreover, at every subsequent enlargement of the European Union, the designs protection is automatically extended to the new Member States without further formalities or the payment of additional fees.