Firm Profile

Botti & Ferrari is an established consulting firm specialized in Intellectual and Industrial Property. Our activity is mainly focused in matters concerning patents, utility models, designs models, trademarks as well as the protection and monitoring of such IP rights; we take care of the formalities for their registration to the competent offices and we the carry out technical and / or administrative searches in the field of Intellectual Property, all both Italy and abroad. Moreover, in view of the reputation earned over the past decade, Botti & Ferrari’s activity is focusing more and more on the assistance to lawyers in legal disputes related to Intellectual and Industrial Property.

The company was established in 1999 and is led by a group of skilled professionals who had already gained more than a decade of previous experience in consultancy firms of the highest level. Within Botti & Ferrari operates a team of highly qualified professionals (all the Consultants in patent matters are qualified to represent in front of the European Patent Office -EPO- i.e. they are qualified as European Patent Attorney) who act in constant synergy between their respective disciplines (mainly electronic, chemical, mechanical and legal) thus forming one of the most efficient professional groups in the IP field at a national level.

One of the essential features of the Firm is certainly its vocation to operate internationally: in fact, approximately half the activity of the Firm is dedicated to consulting services to foreign clients. In this regard, over the years, Botti & Ferrari has developed an extensive global network, consisting of IP consulting firms, which are our correspondents, enabling us to offer to our clients a widespread worldwide assistance.

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