– WIPO has announced that it will co-develop with KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) an international application information system for intellectual property offices around the world. The software, called PCT-ROAD, will be used to handle electronic application based on PCT and will be distributed worldwide early this year (2005). – KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) has announced that high-density DVD related applications are on the rise. High-density DVDs use blue rather than red laser as the former has shorter wave and have 5 times a larger storage space than the existing DVDs of the same size. – According to the KIPO, automobile brake technology-related patent applications are on the rise as the auto industry focuses its efforts on the development of high-tech brakes. The number of ABS (anti-locking brake system) -related applications has been declining since 2002 while those for TCS (Traction Control System)– and ESP (Electronic stability Program)- related applications have been steadily increasing. The number of EMB (Electro Mechanical Brake)-related applications is currently minimal but expected to increase, on the basis of the growing trend for substituting oil brakes for mechanical brakes. – The number of hydrogen energy development related patents is increasing, according to the KIPO. The total number of patent applications is 96, of which 7 in 2001, 9 in 2002 and 19 in 2003.